Proclivity and Concordance

-By Bhairave Ayngaranesan- I am Bhairave Ayngaranesan, a (predominantly) telehealth Speech Pathologist based in Sydney. I truly consider myself lucky to be working with individuals from different walks of life. My story is slightly different as it focuses mainly on the impact the client and their lovely family has made on me. Our main star … Continue reading Proclivity and Concordance

Two Tales of Acquaintance and Discernment

-By Elanthendral. C- My previous employment required me to travel for an hour to reach the workplace. It was not a typical setup for speech-language therapy as it was relatively new in the locality. I was the only therapist hired in the place and always had a packed schedule from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. … Continue reading Two Tales of Acquaintance and Discernment

Holidays and Language Stimulation

The holiday season is the time for merry and celebration. It brings friends and family together with a bustling of activity all around. For the same reasons, the festive or holiday season is also a great time for speech and language stimulation for your child. Whenever a SLP says 'speech and language stimulation', they mean … Continue reading Holidays and Language Stimulation

‘Hearing Loss’ – not just the loss of hearing ability

Hearing is an important part of healthy living. The ability to hear contributes greatly to our physical and emotional well-being. When there is any partial or total inability to hear, it is called hearing impairment or hearing loss. It is a hidden disability or disorder that has a detrimental effect on the quality of life … Continue reading ‘Hearing Loss’ – not just the loss of hearing ability

The Script Writer

The pandemic was harsh and a lot of us struggled through it. The worse is over, but no sign of relief yet. Pandemic for healthcare workers meant crazy work hours and tremendous overload. SLPs too had their share of struggle! Increase in patient load and moving to tele-mode was becoming part of regular practice. That … Continue reading The Script Writer

SLP explained!

Who are Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP)? SLPs are professionals who help individuals with communication impairment. In India, these professionals are trained rigorously through Under Graduation and Post Graduation in Universities/ Colleges recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Few become experts in a particular branch/ area following additional specialization/ fellowships/ certification and clinical experience to identify, … Continue reading SLP explained!