Two Tales of Acquaintance and Discernment

-By Elanthendral. C- My previous employment required me to travel for an hour to reach the workplace. It was not a typical setup for speech-language therapy as it was relatively new in the locality. I was the only therapist hired in the place and always had a packed schedule from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. … Continue reading Two Tales of Acquaintance and Discernment

Holidays and Language Stimulation

The holiday season is the time for merry and celebration. It brings friends and family together with a bustling of activity all around. For the same reasons, the festive or holiday season is also a great time for speech and language stimulation for your child. Whenever a SLP says 'speech and language stimulation', they mean … Continue reading Holidays and Language Stimulation

Parental role in Language Development

Communication is important to enjoy life and language is an important aspect of communication. This language develops through a series of processes. Children normally start speaking their first word around the age of 12 months. Before that, children begin communicating via behaviors like crying, pointing, body language and eye contact. Positively reinforcing these behaviors will … Continue reading Parental role in Language Development