The Gift of Hearing

book and papers in front of a woman

-By Udhayakumar R- lt was my usual Monday morning in the clinic bustling with activity. An 83-year-old woman (way younger, energetic and active for her age) was referred from ENT to us for a hearing evaluation. She was a NRI with a very good habit of getting her hearing tested routinely. She had done it … Continue reading The Gift of Hearing

Newborn Hearing Screening

A huge part of children's development happens while watching and listening. This automatically makes hearing a vital part of healthy development. When there is a partial or complete loss of hearing ability, it is called hearing impairment/ hearing loss. Hearing impairment has detrimental effects on overall development and social functioning. In children, an unaddressed hearing … Continue reading Newborn Hearing Screening

‘Hearing Loss’ – not just the loss of hearing ability

Hearing is an important part of healthy living. The ability to hear contributes greatly to our physical and emotional well-being. When there is any partial or total inability to hear, it is called hearing impairment or hearing loss. It is a hidden disability or disorder that has a detrimental effect on the quality of life … Continue reading ‘Hearing Loss’ – not just the loss of hearing ability

Popular movies & shows that could’ve used an ASLP!

Entertainment media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach people. The industry has never missed an opportunity to portray and highlight anything and everything pertaining to life. Hence, it is also an effective way of 'educating' people. Mentioning education reminds me of how our professors used to make media references for … Continue reading Popular movies & shows that could’ve used an ASLP!

Heard of an ‘Audiologist’?

Who is an Audiologist? Audiologists are professionals who diagnose and plan intervention for any hearing or vestibular related problems. They provide hearing care from birth to end of life. Similar to Speech language pathology, audiologists undergo years of training in Rehabilitation Council of India approved colleges/ universities. They can work in hospitals, institutes, health care … Continue reading Heard of an ‘Audiologist’?