Proclivity and Concordance

-By Bhairave Ayngaranesan-

I am Bhairave Ayngaranesan, a (predominantly) telehealth Speech Pathologist based in Sydney. I truly consider myself lucky to be working with individuals from different walks of life. My story is slightly different as it focuses mainly on the impact the client and their lovely family has made on me. Our main star of the story is Lucy,a 4 year old girl. I finished up with Lucy last month after our 6 month long adventure. I was working purely on her speech sounds, specifically on her lateralisation of /s/. I would see Lucy on Friday mornings fortnightly and no kidding, I would literally wait for our sessions to bask in her lively spirit that would make my entire week so much better. Lucy would come into the session with games she’d invented herself which significantly made my prep easier at times. I would like to highlight here how involved the Mum was throughout the entire process. She would ask me questions (which made sure I did my research) , do lots of home practice and give me feedback. As I am still very early in my career (and even otherwise), I am someone that really looks forward to feedback as it helps me grow. I also truly admired the way Lucy’s Mum valued Lucy, her thoughts and her contribution as a 4 year old during our sessions. I certainly gained some vision as to what kind of a parent I would some day like to be.

This is a snippet from Lucy’s Mum’s email when I finished up with Lucy “I just wanted to say how much Miss L and I have enjoyed our sessions. I’ve been really impressed how you’ve kept a 3/4 yo VERY engaged despite telehealth and your compassion towards us when we have struggled with consistent homework. Tbh I went into this wanting to give telehealth “a go” but with hesitancy regarding how it would play out given her age. But it’s been extremely successful and you are a household name (and even a point of argument between the kids “why does Lucy get a B, that’s not fair!” Haha). You’ve done really well and we thank you for taking us on!”

Such feedback is what honestly keeps me going in this life as a speechie ! 🙂

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