Heard of an ‘Audiologist’?

Who is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are professionals who diagnose and plan intervention for any hearing or vestibular related problems. They provide hearing care from birth to end of life. Similar to Speech language pathology, audiologists undergo years of training in Rehabilitation Council of India approved colleges/ universities. They can work in hospitals, institutes, health care centres, private clinics and independent practise.

What they deal with?

Hearing sensitivity and hearing rehabilitation (birth to end of life), diagnosis of hearing related functional and vestibular abnormalities (related to outer/ middle/ inner ear), diagnosis of nerve related pathologies, tumor of VIII nerve, noise induced hearing loss, hearing screening (especially new born hearing screening), tinnitus, hyperacusis/ misophonia, auditory processing disorders, auditory neuropathy spectrum disorders, hearing aid prescription, programming and dispensing, implantable devices (cochlear/ middle ear/ brainstem implants), prevention of hearing loss and community services, listening training / auditory verbal therapy

Who should see an Audiologist?

Individuals with hearing difficulties, speech understanding problems, ear infections, blockage and ear pain, pre and post ear surgery, ringing or buzzing sound in the ear, dizziness/ vertigo, cerebral vascular problems, accidents injuring head or neck, individuals working in noisy environments, individuals who need hearing aids, listening training/ auditory verbal therapy, babies born with complications, individuals with craniofacial abnormalities .

Audiologists work with…

ENT, Neurologist, Paediatrician, Speech-Language Pathologist, Psychiatrist and Psychologist, community and social workers (changes according to need).

Need and Importance

Trained Audiologists apply their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to findings of various behavioural and objective tests to diagnose the auditory and vestibular pathologies. Several levels of training and specialisations are required to attain the level of expertise of an Audiologist . These healthcare professionals possess the experience and knowledge to choose the best rehabilitation plan for the individual including the type, features and requirements of hearing aids / implants. They are actively involved in several programs and community services related to hearing care and hearing loss prevention. A mere diploma / superficial training cannot provide you with this type of care. Please make sure to seek the professional you need before you take the service!

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